The current flood of MotoGP bikes and sport bikes is certainly very temoting to build. But for now I choose to build something less demanding and fresh. How about an old Aoshima Suzuki GS400E Touring? Take a look.

Also take a look at "This month's Bargain!" This section will feature parts for sale from my part box. It will be updated monthly. Take a look! First come first serve!

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Next update?
Somewhere in the middle of September 2004 (hopefully)

I am still work on my other modelling section and put up more content for those accessories and "How to' sections.

Currently I am spending more enjoyable time running my various RC cars than am doing static kits

See you then!

This website was launched on 1st April 2003

CONGRATULATIONS to Stargek Pte Ltd Tamiya exclusive distributor in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia, Grand opening of the Tamiya Show Room and Stargek Headquarters
6th Aug 2004
My collection UNBUILT!
So many models so little time! While spring cleaning I counted almost 200 kits from various manufacturer. Some of the kit I got as many as 4 spare? Need to see a shrink to cure my "excessive buying" disorder!

Mr S.Tamiya & myself during the Grand Opening of Tamiya Showroom & Stargek Pte Ltd

Dear Visitors,

I apologise for the lengthy delays for I have not update my website for a looooonnggg time due to a lot of unforeseeable circumstances with me being jobless for the last 5 months, met with a motorcycle accident, joy of my newborn baby girl and heavy financial woes........ :(

In the last three months, having found GOD and through his grace my life was turned around and I was presented with an opportunity to explore the internet business. With great support and guidance from Mr. Tony Law, a great friend, MD of Stargek Pte Ltd, helped delivered me from my driest time. I am grateful and greatly appreciate all the help and support you have showered me in these hard times. Thank You.

Below are my unbuilt 1/12 scale cars from various manufacturers. I am proud to say that I have all Tamiya's and Protar's 1/12 cars!

My Models My RC Stuff Sales! About Me

Introduction to

What another model website for motorcycles? Well yes and for the time being its just gonna be like a "normal" site until I am competent with the software and when my modelling skills improves. So what is going to make this site different from the other "great site" ? Err….nothing yet, so far, but what I intend to do should appeal to those beginner modelers. I want to show what can be done when you do not have the skill of a master or some 10 years modelling experience behind your back.

My modelling experience is shallow, only seriously at it for about two years, but I started building them when I was 12, back then it was "build as fast as possible and pretend play" with all the planes and tanks destroying each other. There was no such thing as painting it, its a rush rush jobs. No concern of accuracy nor super detailing. As I grow up I wanted the kit to look a little better and started painting. Knowledge is hard to come by, great modeler are selfish about imparting their skill so there was a lot of trial and errors. Suddenly there is INTERNET and the whole scene changed! People are sharing their knowledge openly to the world and its here I learn the most, now its my turn to contribute back to this community.

What can I contribute?
- How not to use an airbrush, although I have one I hate to use it.
I am lazy! But of course to get the best finish you'll need to use one. But not all beginners can afford one but most can afford a spray can. Cleaning and painting preparation are the things I hate most. I like to brush paint my kit for most parts but will use a spray can for the body works or parts with large surface area.

- How to spice up the detail of your bikes
When I describe the building process of my bike, Ill share with you how to make this kit special. How to make this kit different from your friends’ An example: We are now drilling out the holes of the brake disc, but I go as far as making the other half of the brake caliper that most kit manufacturer committed. Another example is adding self-wound spring for the side stand / main stand or to your "race" pipes. Your friend can boast their flawless painting finish, but now you can boast the finer details…..(meanwhile you catch up on your painting skills)

- Customizing the bike.
Like real motorcyclist, they like to spice up their bike. Nobody wants to be riding a bike that is the same as anybody. They will hop it up, change the color, add accessories, add some stickers….Same can be said for building a model bikes, it can be boring too, hop it up! Make it a race rep., a custom cruiser or whatever you like…., Aoshima of Japan loves doing it to their models and if you've build one you can be sure that you will amass a lot of unused parts which are valuable for your future project. Exhaust pipes, fork, brakes……

- Aftermarket detailing accessories.
I use lots of it, some expensive, some not, some you can make on your own. But in the end the decision is yours. Photo-etched hose clamp is beautiful, so is its price, but you can make a cheap one yourself, how about cable ties that bind those wires neatly? What can you use to simulate? Wiring the bikes can for wires of different thickness…….

-And the list goes on while and whenever I discover something along the way

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