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17th May 2003
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Detailing Accessories

I uses a lot of detailing accessories soured from all over the world. Some are very expensive and worth every penny as they greatly improves the models appearance but some are a waste of money. However this section is not a product review or endorsement page but merely wants to provide viewer knowledge on what is readily available in the market and what can be adapted to use from the world of car scale modelings on motorcycles.

I divide these Accessories into 6 distinct groups:

Photo Etched Accessories:

Photo etched (PE) parts are a great detailing accessories but not necessary cheap. Use them wisely. I apply them to where viewers are most likely to see them. For example: Brake calipers mounts, engine mounts, licence plates, triple clamp and handle bars, to name a few. If you look closely at older Tamiya kit like the Katana you can see that the bolts are simulated with simple round extrusion. Super glue a PE bolt head there and you can see the result immediately!

There are many PE accessories in the market. From specialiesed parts for a specicific models to general detailing hardwares. The ones I use are mainly from F1 Specialties and Scale Motorsport. F1 Specialties are the best; they are thicker and come in assorted size. As for Scale Motorsport's, it’s the most economical and easy to use, as it is already rubber backed for easy removal

This is an example why I say it might be a waste money: Hose Clamps are easily simulated with strips of foil. But the above hose clamps is very detailed! Right down to the grooves!

Detailing PE set for specific bikes are now readily available. Expensive but good. Currently the range is very limited and seems to cater for the few popular GP bikes only. NSR, RGV and YZRs

Other PE detailing accessories range from washers, fasteners' heads bolts, nuts to hose clamps! There are many manufacturer and most are for use on cars but they are easily adapted for bikes


Decal Accessories:

Wire and Hoses: