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17th May 2003
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Beside having a great paint job, detailing is going to make your bike stand out from the crowd! In this section I am going to show and discuss tips and suggestion on ways to improve your bikes and what are the materials available to help achieve it. Together with the other section "Accessories" these two combination will help make your bike alive!

For easy navigation I divde into 6 distinct topics:

These are just some of the wires and hoses accessories I use

Braided hose:
Applications: Use as brake lines and as coolant hoses for the radiator and oil cooler. They greatly enhance your model if you are building a street fighter.

Come in many sizes and type. There are the shiny metallic ones to simulate stainless steel braiding as found in most upgraded performance and racing bikes. The other is the non-colored / black ones for use in places like radiator or coolant hoses

I use modelers' the most, as they are cheaper and longer. The best is those from Detail Master. They are made of real metal and conform to shape easily as it has a wired core.

Hose ends:
Applications: Brake calipers fittings, oil cooler and any place where oil or coolant lines are attached.

A great detailing aid for that street fighter look and especially great for those oil cooler! The most affordable ones are from modeler, it comes plated in blue and read to simulate those popular anodize finishes. Cost is 800Yen

Metal machined one are more realistic and you can apply a clear red / blue to them to simulate the colorful anodized appearance of the real thing. Down side is that they cost more. The best are from Sakashut! They come in a pack of ten and cost $?????