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Imai 1/12 scale Harley Davidson Vol.2 The Stampede 530930 2200Yen

Move your mouse over the bikes to see what are the modification I did!

Actually this is my first serious kit, but I choose to show it fifth as I was having problem taking its pictures. Its side stand broke while handling it and I had to look at my part box for a spare.

In the past my models are hurriedly built, but this kit is different, as it was to be the start of my "serious" model building, after stopping for almost 3 years. In this kit I am learning to add aftermarkets detailing parts as much Photo Etched (PE) bolts, braided lines, bolts and rivets heads from armour detailing set and lots of imaginations! This kit also marks the first time I use a super glue accelerator. It’s a handy tool to get those super glue to set properly!

As this Imai Harley Davidson Stampede is a customized bike, I added more extra to make it a little bit more special:

1. Braided hose and Modelers' hose ends set
2. Fully wired and plumbed
3. Spoke rims on both ends
4. The use of bolts and nuts from armor
5. Air horn

< Accessories I use on this Harley. Different thickness of braided hose from Modelers and their superb hose end set

What is the story?
When I build a bike, I visualize myself as a custom bike builder and am gonna create another special for a customer. This Harley will be no exception!

The box art show this model to be a customized bike, well it’s as its intention but the lacking of specialized parts makes it less special. As this was my first "serious kit" I am not going to do too much modification. I want to complete this project fast.

This Stampede will be built long, low and "Dark". By dark I mean dark colour, the body is finished in Gun Metal and most parts are in black

< Top: Its a single seater and a rack is provided for any luguage when touring.

< Tire valves are often missed out on earlier kit but they are easily scratch built.

The Instruction:
This kit is not easy to build, as I do not understand a word of Japanese. The whole instruction is in Jap! The instruction is good aesthetically! Its like reading a comic book but its directions are horrible. The illustration and text are by Yoshihito Tomobe (Must be someone famous). You can only guess how the part fits as the instruction simple show where the parts are suppose to go, furthermore there are many option you can choose, and since I cannot read Japanese, I just guess my way round it

< Airhorn up front on the fender. One way to make sure you are heard!

Front end:
No scratch built brake caliper halves here as Imai provided a full caliper. On the wheels I added tire valves. I use modeler's hose end set for this. Taking the smallest right angled part to use here.

The handle bar receives full wiring and all are in braided cables. In the real world, electrical wiring are slipped into these chrome tubes and this is a sure way to make your bike different from your mate's. Painting on the control console are guesswork, I do not understand the Jap instruction and had no reference picture on it. Other than that I added an airhorn and mount it on the front fender. To make it look LOUD!

< Top. Braided cables for the spark plug wires, clutch cables and fuel lines.

< Right. Full plumbling here. A lot of research went into here as the Imai's instruction do nor provide for it. Again all are in bradied hose and modeler's hose end set.

I junk the stock carburator with a replacement flat slide source from my part box. The stock carb just look too "friendly" and don't seem to gives enough "Go"! Engine cooling is via an oil radiator.

The engine is highlighted with gold push rods and chrome cam covers. By keeping the engine to black, all the extra details (which happens to be in chrome) comes to life!

Other Stuff:
The cast spoke wheels were replaced with spoke ones and if you have noticed, the seat edge are studded. These are bolt heads from armour accessories maker, Modelkasten. I also use Wave's R-Rivets. Both are a great addition for detailing and are almost the right size to use on 1/12 scale bikes. They come in a variety of size thus is value for money! I get them from Hobbylink Japan, could not get them locally, sigh.

< Top! I would have wanted a K&N but doesn't have the time to scratch built one. Behind the air cleaner is a complete set of fuel lines and fuel filter. A pity its hidden. But as long as you know its there!

< Top! I added a air dam and a crash bar up front., all are sourced from my part box.

< My broken side stand! The release of this article was much delayed as I had to find a replacement in order to continue the photo shooting.

If you got any questions feel free to email me at:

see the instruction manual