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17th May 2003
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How To?

How to build a Motorcycle Model?
It is as easy as ABC!
Here I am assuming that most of you know the basic of "how" to build a model. This means that you know how to interpret the instruction manual, the simple techniques of gluing the parts together and assembling them once they are painted so I am not going to go thru that.

What I am doing here is the addition stuff I do to the kit which I hope might be helpful to you (if you don't already know) I divide them into these 7 basic steps:

Step 1
Read the instruction (Will go live on 5th June 2003)

Step 2
Gather all the material and tools you'll need (e.g. glue, paints, reference photos etc.)

Step 3
Decide the sequence of building

Step 4
The constructions!

Step 5

Step 6
Decal ling

Step 7