Interesting Links:
The Internet is just too overwhelming with information and good websites. For this section I'll just focus on motorcycles models related links and online shops. Cars and military stuff will be considered in the near future since I also builds them beside motorcycles. Its not perfect, so feel free to email me if I have miss out any other interesting links. Thanks.

The moment I experience Internet, I use HLJ's service for my Japanese kits. Why? Its because they are in English! Still buying from them after so many years but their services is getting slower. Their plus side is their "SALE" there is always something for somebody and their price can be as low as 70% off the retail! Check it out!

Found them in 2000 and have been buying from them ever since. Their advantage is "Saeko Suzuki" a very nice person to deal with and good English. The other is their lower price, 5 to 10% below retail. They also have a coupon system that save you some cost on your next purchase. Having a person to deal with add a personal touch to the site. Buyers take note, their English site and Japanese site differs greatly in the product range. Always ask for what you cannot find.

I have not ordered from them before but their website looks impressive, picture base and their price are 5 to 10% below recommended retail price. What I like best is their inclusion of the instruction manual in most models in their catalogs, helps in decision making. I remember one time I'll like to buy the newly release Hasegawa Lancia Stratos but am not sure of its internal detail, the instructions manual in their website helps shed some light into the kits detail.

Another good place to buy, very fast turn around time and the ability to get spare parts from most manufacturers is a plus. The down side is its site being in text format. Makes browsing a hassle

Great Italian online shop with very friendly service. A pity his website are very text rich. Will be great if he can puts lots of images. Especially good for hard to get Italian stuffs like Pocher and MG. Postage is surprisingly cheap!

Friendly services with lots of tips and advise on building your model kit. One of the nicest guy around, unselfish and a willingness to share his modelling skill and knowlege!

Specialise in motor-related scale models. Besides kits, they also have transkits, decals, reference books and tools.Friendly and fast service. I now get all my Studio27 stuff from him.

Nakamoto has a huge selection of hard to find models! I buy a lot of from him. Friendly and funny guy! But his website is dead, better to visit his shop instead!

Richard is a nice guy to deal with. Good selection and CHEAP postage from New Zealand!

Great photo etched and machined parts for models. Their 500cc GP bikes detail kit are very comprehensive and contain more parts than Platz or Studio 27. A bit pricey thou but well worth it!

Great photo etched and machined parts for F1 cars of all scale. I use a lot of their PE bolts, screws and nuts set on most of my models. Set back is their high shipping rates for oversea customers.

Great detailing parts but some are rather expensive but then again nobody else makes them. I use hobbylink Japan to get their parts

Lots of detailing accessories but mostly for cars. Their Detail Master accessories is cheaper than from Detail Master themselves. Do shop wisely!

One of the best transkit and detailing accessories maker. Love their bike transkit but some are too expensive for me. I get their stuff now from MediaMix. Faster and at a competitive price!

Like its namesake, these guys' deals with detailing accessories for cars. They have lots of Photo etched and braided hoses suitable for motorcycle models. I like their braided hose; it's real metal and not as shiny as those from modelers'. They have a wired internal making the hose conform to shape easily. But it's not cheap!

So many products and tools and so many special offers. I used to buy from them till they change their shipping policy. They ship UPS for oversea customer, which is VERY VERY expensive, compared to USPS. A pity

Huge selection of models! I buy a lot of WW1 planes from them. As most bike kits are from Japan, it is better to buy from Japanese online shop. They have a great "SALES" section and wonderful tips from their periodic newsletter