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17th May 2003
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I have this kit for about 8 years and never had the interest to start it until I see the posting by John Ragias's BMW Racer at Yahoo group's: Motorcycling Modelling and more recently at Modeler Site. Its amazing what you can do with a little bit of imagination. I was impressed that I aim to do one much racier than his. So its up to my spare box and see what I can dig out of it. I found a part box of Tamiya Moto Guzzi V10 and decided to merge these two kit and make them along the lines set by John.

Its going to be a café racer. A street bike during the weekdays. A thunderous racer in the weekends. I plan to make those road legal stuff like turn signals, licence plates and so on, be removeable (still in the planning stage).

But why an old BMW boxer twin? Yeah, the engine is old, a two valve push rod design that had endure for decades, but then again there is no engine layout like this. To make it a little more competitive I decided to add a four valve head. I did some research and found that Krauser MKM1000 uses a BMW boxer twin but with an optional 4 valve head. I decide to copy that! This will be my first scratch building a cyclinder head. I'll just use plastic card and putty and sculpt it using lots of imagination.

For the chassis I will combine both the stock Beemer and part of the Guzzi's rear end. I like the Guzzi rear swingarm alot. Its of a designed by Dentist Racer Dr John Wittner. It look like any ordinary braced swingarm but it is a shaft drive set up and incorporate a linkage to counteract the shaft drive's adverse affect on handling. Anyone who had ridden a Boxer twin (I have) will know the torque tendency for the bike to rock while accelerating. So I chop the complete rear end and mated it to the Beemers cradle frame . Thereafter more bracing plates will be added to make it look beefy enough for the track.

Running gears are all Moto Guzzi's V10, front fork, wheels, tires and foot pegs. Love the FAT Pirelli Dragon tires.

The body works will be were treated to a new Tamiya spray colour: TS60 Pearl Green. I intially wanted a metallic turquoise colour but cound not get it right.

Target date of completion? Maybe July 2003?

John Regia's BMW Racer

Future BMW Project?

Hub center steering, wild BMW. Hmmm I might be interested!