Other Hard to Find Kits

If there is anything you want, please email me for the final price of the kit and its relevant postage.
Item No Scale Brand Name ebay / Retail value SP Postage & Handling Status
M2-15080 1:12 Master Honda CB450 US$60 - US$125.00 US$100.00 US$16.50 OOP, Rare
7805 1:12 Revell Yamaha GR50 US$15.00 - US$20.00 US$20.00 US$16.50 OOP
H1506 1:12 Revell Yamaha 250MX (Produced in 1974) US$60 - US$100.00 US$80.00 US$16.50 OOP, Rare
217 1:08 Nitto Suzuki Hopper US$24.00 - US$40.00 US$30.00 US$16.50 OOP, Rare
RM2 1:10 Doyusha Rickshaw US$9.99 - US$15.00 US$11.00 US$16.50 OOP
B1271 1:12 Imai BMW Krauser MKM 1000 US$24.99 - US$35.00 US$28.00 US$16.50 OOP, Rare
26045 1:12 Aoshima Haikaider V-Max by Skynet US$80.00 - US$100.00 US$80.00 US$20.00 OOP, HTF
????? 1:12 Aoshima Majesty Scooter US$20.00 US$18.00 US$16.50  
GG-101 1:12 Aoshima Standing Rider US$9.99 - US$15.00 US$12.00 US$10.00 OOP, HTF
01595-13 1:12 Aoshima Yamaha XJR400 Over Racing Project US$20.00 - US$24.00 US$20.00 US$16.50 HTF
24935 1:12 Aoshima Yamaha V max (only the exhaust is built) US$20.00 - US$24.00 US$15.00 US$16.50  

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