Aoshima 1/12 scale Yamaha V-MAX - Supertrapp Custom NAKED BIKE SERIES 38 / 029176 2600Yen

Move your mouse over the bikes to see what are the modification I did!

What a long wait to have this classics muscle bikes to be released as a plastic model. The surprise: Its not from Tamiya, but by Aoshima!The real bike was launched in 1985 and its still is one of the most mind blowing, fastest accelerating bike today. V4, 1200cc & 145ps…….Aoshima release at least 7 versions of this bikes, 2 customs, 4 export & 1 domestic version. Mine is the Supertrapp / Custom "Kai" version. Number 28 in the Aoshima Naked Bike Series - 029176. This kit retails for 2600 Yen. The others retail at a slightly cheaper price of 2400 Yen.

Although its already a custom model with many performance accessories, I still want my V-Max to be meaner, and here is what I did:

1. 6 piston racing brake caliper for the front
2. NOS (Nitros Oxide System)
3. Braided hose and Modelers' hose ends set
4. Race rear shock
5. Crankcase vent
6. Fully removable body works
7. Fully wired and plumbered
8. Super detail with PE bolts and nuts

< See what Tamiya clear spray did!

Somehow my Tamiya clear spray attacks the chrome plating of the V-Max and causes me to repaint all the chrome parts! Wasted a lot of time here

I add lots of detail here but in the end they are not visible, so sad. I added a carburator heat shield, fully wired the ignitions and electrical system. Scratch built a NOS system / injector and with the NOS tank at the rear seat. For the carburator I added machined velocity stack from MG of Italy. Scratch built my own intake screens and added more wiring to make it look busy! - But not necessary accurate.

< Top: Carburator heat shield and machined velocity intake stack from MG
<Above: The bike is being wired up

< Detailing of the fuel tank and battery. Notice the battery strap and the fuel filler cap? All scratch built.

Front end:
How do you stop a 200bhp, Nitros breathing machine? I choose to use my own resin cast 6 piston Nissin calipers! The original brakes looks too whimpy, even though the Kai version provides a "upgrade" brake kit!

Here the front end received the usual AN fittings, braided hose, drilled brake discs and a set of detailed throttle cables.

For the throttle cables, I played with different diameter wires and PE nuts for this. The PE nuts are to simulate the adjuster for the free play.

< Take notice of the different thickness of cable I use for the throttle cables and the PE nuts to simulate the adjuster.

The rest of the areas are spiced up with PE bolts and nuts from both F1 specialties and Scale Motor Sport's set. Ouch! Very expensive, so I had to control the amount to be used base on their visibilities!

These PE sets comes in a varity of size and choices: Cross head screws, slot head screws, allen head bolts, washers, bolt heads, nuts, etc. All you need is to use your imagination and super glue!

I apply them to the rear licence plate, handle bars, fork brace, brake caliper mount and most places that are very visible. Once set, I'll highlight them with thinned black paint to bring out their details.

To make the speedometer more realistic, I punch a disc using a paper hole puncher on a clear plastic sheet. This clear disc is to simulate the meter's face. Use white glue to adhere it as it will dry clear.

The base paint are hand-painted and polished using Tamiya acrylics & rubbing compound. It’s a mix of Chrome Silver and Lemon Yellow.

I wanted to get a metallic yellow finish but it dos not seems to come out good. The body works are then sprayed with clear coats and decaled when fully dried, I printed my own insignia on transparent decal paper using a inkjet printer. Its my way of signing the bike.

Rear end:
Race rear shocks are favourites among custom builders, I found a pair of KYBs in my parts box and spray the springs yellow to match the body. I also added some bolts to the drive shaft of the V-max. Reference pictures show that these are missing from the kit. These bolts are from Wave and are use as accessories for 1/35 scale military modelling

Other stuff:
This Aoshima kit is really good; details are upto Tamiya's standard. What I like about Aoshima's kit are their "grade-up" parts. This V-max comes with better brakes, a windscreen, smaller indicators, engine bars / frame brace and accurate Supertrapp exhaust!

Other "Unseen" stuff I added was a set of indicators wires under the rear fender! Real wire mesh for the dummy intake manifolds

< Watch out! There is more power under the seat in the form of a NOS bottle!

< Wiring details of the rear indicators and brake lights

Once all is finished, a coat of Tamiya wax was applied to the body works. I mount my V-Max onto a wooden pine block for display. It was glued down using white PVA glue.

If you got any questions feel free to email me at:

see the instruction manual

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