Hi, welcome to my website. I reckon my FrontPage has probably hinted you some ideas on what this site is all about & how it's gonna be slightly different from the rest. My name is Tee Shiuh Sheng; I am in my 30s and am married. Sigh! How times flies! Since this is a modeling related site, maybe I will elaborate more on my modeling background.

I have been messing with models for over 17 years. My favorite subject is 1/12 scale motorcycles and large-scale (1/12) cars. Of course, I did not get sucked into motorcycles building; I remember my first kit, a Hasegawa 1/72 WWII Messerschmitt Bf109, given to me on my Birthday. I build it in a day and later painted it with poster colours. From then on I was hooked! Poster colours gave way to model paints from Humbro & Tamiyas'. Back then like all boys, I was fascinated with military stuff (still am) ships; tanks & airplanes and they made up most of my collections.

Bikes & cars did not capture my attention till late 1985 where news of Freddie Spencer winning the double reached me. My first bike? Cannot remember. Might be the Honda NSR500. Modeling skills? Horrible. Glue marks everywhere, untidy paint jobs and always "build them as fast as possible"

My first serious bike was not till 10 years later. Tamiya Ducati 900 NCR. It was then I started working, I buy more kits, build more bikes but still not as good. Then suddenly there was the "Internet"! A lot of information, a lot of reference materials! Those unbelievable serious works always amaze me! I vowed someday that my work would be as good as theirs'.

Come Year 2003, what have I achieved? Sad to say: 12 bikes built and a dozen more lays half built. What happened?!!!? Work commitment and marriage kept me busy. During those years I amass a huge range & quantity of models. I am proud to say I have almost 98% of all Tamiya 1/12 cars and bikes! 2003 will be the year I stop buying (I hope) and start building and along the way I'll show you what I've learned and how we can improve together. Like I've stated in my FrontPage, I hope my website will be great for beginners venturing into this hobby.

Hey wait a minute! This page is supposed to introduce "About Me"! Well below is three love of my life:

My Family

I'll keep it short and sharp here. My wife and myself are in our early 30s. She is a piano teacher while I am a designer. We are married for 5 years now and we try to take a short holiday every year to "de-stress" ourselves from our fast and hectic Singaporean lifestyle.

People used to say, life is short, enjoy it! We enjoy ourselves by taking a short holiday every year whenever possible. Most of our savings are spent on these holidays!

Holidays to other parts of the world open us to see how other people's lifestyle and their way of living.Some may live their life better than us, some are not as fortunate. But most of all, they do try to make their lives a little better for themselves and their love ones.

Below are just some of the places we have been after we get married.


Our honeymoon was spent in Australia! The pace there is laid back and the weather is cool! Only been to Goldcoast, will definitely love to see more of Australia when I have enough saving.


Just cannot get enough of it. Spent close to 10 days there but its all "rush, rush, rush" LA, San Fransico, Las Vagas, everything is "HUGE" there. Will go again if I have the money. Its just too expensive!

Hong Kong

Reminds me of Singapore. "Fast paced" lifestyle. People walk so fast in the streets! Sorry did not enjoy it.


The most affordable place to be. Cheap and good. Being there twice. Bangkok and Pattaya. Will go again to other resort like Phuket, Changmei, etc. Friendly people and rich culture. Even the tiger is "friendly"!

My Models

My main interest is motorcycles in 1/12 scale. Occasionally I'll get those larger scales like 1/9 from Protar. 1/8 from Heller or those giant 1/6 from Tamiya.
1/12 scale offers the most range and their completed size doesn't require much display space.

Other types of models that capture my interest are:

o 1/12 scale cars

o 1/8 scale Pocher's cars

o 1/48 scale WW1 planes

o 1/35 scale Tiger tanks

o 1/20 scale modern Ferrari F1 cars

o 1/12 scale die-cast cars

o 1/16 scale Museum WW1 planes

o Tamiya Mini 4WD racers

o Wooden sailing ships

o RC cars and bikes

o Robotech / Macross models

To date I have close to 300kits (unbuilt)! A good friend of mine warned me: "Tee, you gotta start building these kits before age catches up on you! Failing eyesights and shaky hands!"

It was a wake up call!

I glance through the amount of kits I have and realize that I could not possibly built all of them in my this lifetime! I got to start building and stop buying. I will also have to sell off my extra kits!

Sigh. It just pains me

see my sale list

As you can see, my house is begining to look like a warehouse! So many kits so little time. I cannot imagine how on earth am I gonna display them when they are finally all built?

Seems like I have to move to a bigger house?!

My 2wheels Life

I've been riding motorcycles for almost 14 years. I first got my licence way back in 1989. I still remember vividly my first bike: Suzuki TXR150. A little 150cc 2-stroke screamer, lots of fun but during those times, the most popular bike in this "beginner class" was the Yamaha TZR 125. Love to have it but as I was still in school surviving on pocket money, the TXR150 is already a luxury item! I don't come from a rich family and with all my parents objecting to me riding a bike, it’s a godsend that I am actually riding one.

Rode the bike for 3 years and upgrade to 400cc when I got my class 2B licence. Suzuki GSXR400R, the little brother of the then mighty GSXR750/1100 that took the world by storm with their lightweight and high power. And it is during this phase of my life that I am serious about my motorcycling! I took an advanced riding course and was immediately hooked to the track! I was slow, so was my bike. I long for a better bike but as I was still serving my National Service and not having a "big" pay cheque, I just had to wait. The time finally comes in 1994!

Enter the Suzuki (again) GSXR750WP, the first generation of water-cooled sport bike from Suzuki! I reckon it as a water buffalo, heavy and getting sluggishly outdated as the years goes by! The plus things about the bike are the ease and flow of after- market parts and accessories!

My GSXR750WP transform my biking life completely! My first job, I worked in a motorcycle magazine publication cum tour company and had a good time meeting lots of people with the same interest. We'll ride out to Malaysia almost every other weekend and we've been to Thailand too! What fun!

Suzuki TXR150



Other Bikes