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Kyosho Mk1

Honda NSR500

Bought it from USA, cost me a bomb but what to do when you are in love with this bike. What so special? Well I long to get one while in my school days but cannot afford it. There after it went out of production, replaced with the MkII HOR

The MkI comes with the first generation Kyosho 20BB LeMans motor. I added a heat sink, which was meant for the HPI micro RS4's motor. Also added was their Hop-Up oil filled front and rear suspension, full ball bearings and lighten flywheel. Other modification are of my own doing, er nicely put "design" I have no engineeriing skill thus blobs of expoy here and there!!!! More about the modification in another time......
News placeholder Mini X

Extreme 4WD

Chassis is from X-press mini X 1/24 4WD car, all other parts are from Tamiya. Still under development as its still under powered, suspect could be the motor, will try to swap the ball diff with a higher ratio to improve accelerations

Mini X

WRC Subaru Impreza

Mini X

Ferarri F40

Mini X