Over the years I have amass a lot of kits that I wish to build, I use to buy two to three kits of the same model. I believe I got the "excessive buying" syndrome. Anyone got a cure?

Why buy so many, you may ask? Well back then my modelling skill is horrible and spoil lots of kit and when I want to buy another for parts or decals, its SOLD OUT. So it’s like overkill, I had to spoil two kits to make a good one. Thus over the time my "Wish to build" ends up "No time to build", nevertheless the buying continues.

The shock came when I got married and need to clear the house. My wife asked me wheather I am stocking up to set up a shop to sell these kits. What am I to do with so many kits? It’s impossible to finish them all in my lifetime.

So here is my selling list. It’s painful but necessary:

Why buy from modelmotobikes?
Good question, I always believe in treating all my buyer as friends. Friends are supposed to help each other and in the end we learn from each other. So should you have any problem with the instruction or lost a part, feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do. I have over 200 Tamiya unbuild and parts kits so there is a chance that I am able to find a spare for you (at a small fee of course) Even if you don't buy I will still be happy to help. Email me with your question and I try my best to get it answered.

How to buy?
Go through my list of kits for sale, if there is anything you like give me an email and I'll counter check its availability. Let me know your address so that I can give you a quote on the postage as well when I reply you.

How to pay me?
I am set up for PayPal. I can receive credit card payment from paypal. My PayPal account id is as my email: sstee88@yahoo.com.sg

Other mode of payment I can accept are: Money Order, do add another US$7.50 for bank charges. Western Union Money Transfer is also acceptable but it is costly to you. And; lastly cash!

Postage and Handling Charges?
Postage for a typical Tamiya kit is about US$16.50 to most part of the world (depending on the current US exchange rates) via Air Parcel post. It takes about 10 to 14 working days to reach you. Insurance is a flat rate of US$3. What I quote you is final; there will not be any "surprise-hidden" cost nor any more additional charges. (E.g. PayPal fee, etc)

I am very experience in packing so don't worry. Your kit will be well protected, it will be cushioned / padded and boxed (unless otherwise requested). Kits that are already opened will be sealed again with plastic wrapping to ensure a waterproof journey. I have never had a complain on my packing, you can see my ebay feedback (ebay id: 750wp) for some of the praises I received from buyers.

My Sale list:
Most of my kits are sealed. Those that are opened will be photographed and emailed to you for your viewing. Especially the decals. Sealed kit I cannot guaranteed its content and condition but should you paid for it and request me to opened it up to check for you, its not a problem, any missing or damaged parts can be discussed. As some of my kits are old and OOP (Out-Of-Productions) these issues are unavoidable. Hope you can understand.
Tamiya 1/12 Scale Motorcycles
Tamiya 1/6 Large Scale Motorcycles
Other Rare and almost IMPOSSIBLE to find kits
Tamiya 1/12 Large Scale Cars